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Boozyshop Silicone Sponge

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The Boozyshop Silicone Sponge is a silicone makeup sponge in the shape of a drop. This sponge is perfect for applying foundation without any waste of product. The shape makes sure you can reach every inch of your face easily.

The amount of product you need will be reduced by half compaired to traditional sponges, because the product isn't imbibed in the sponge.

This silicone sponge is super hygienic, because the sponge is easy to clean and does not imbibe product. Cleaning the sponge is a piece of cake, just a little water and soap and your sponge is good as new.

How to use :

- Apply a small amount of foundation to the sponge and apply to your face in circular movements untill the product doesn't spread out anymore.

- Blend the foundation with a dapping motion for an airbrushed effect. Pay extra attention to the rims of your face, like your jawbone, hairline and around the eyes.

- Build foundation till you reach the desired coverage. 

Maintenance :

For an optimal result it is recommended to clean the silicone sponge after use.
Use :

- Lukewarm water
Shampoo or brushcleanser

Dry the sponge with a towel or dishcloth, do NOT store sponge on a heath source.

Keep sponge away from sharp objects, like tweezers and scissors and do not store in direct sunlight. Replace sponge in case it is damaged.