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Boozy Cosmetics Oval Brush Elypse XL

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Boozy Cosmetics Boozy Cosmetics Oval Brush Elypse XL

This brush has an oval/round shape and is perfect to apply makeup at the bigger areas of your skin. The brush is perfect to apply foundation, bronzer or setting powder.

Foundation: this brush is designed for quicker, more even coverage across larger areas of your face and body. Including the zone around your cheeks and nose. Perfect to create a smooth tint for a naturally look.
Bronzer/setting powder : with this brush you can apply all type of powders effortless on your face.

All the materials used in the brushes are made of the highest quality and soft as silk to guarantee a flawless makeup application. 

Hair:                                                                                                                                  Luxury synthetic fibers, the fibers consist of the most advanced and newest fibers. 

Handle : 
thermally shaped resin with an matt black lacquer.