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Boozy Cosmetics Oval Brush Elypse S

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Boozy Cosmetics Boozy Cosmetics Oval Brush Elypse S

This brush has an oval shape. You can use the brush for blending and covering. The brush is perfect to apply eyeshadow, contouring products, concealer and foundation.

Eyeshadow : apply product to the the brush and gently follow the contours of your eyelid for desired definition and coverage.                                                                                              
Contouring : with this brush you can apply all types of liquid en Crème contouring products effortless  in style.                
Concealer : apply product to the brush, then move over spot in a circular motion to conceal.
Foundation : With this brush you can apply foundation at the more difficult spots of your skin.

Hair:                                                                                                                                  Luxury synthetic fibers, the fibers consist of the most advanced and newest fibers. 

Handle : 
thermally shaped resin with an matt black lacquer.

Ferrule : 
Aluminium with Rose golden finish.