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Boozy Cosmetics BoozyBrush 5400 Crease Shader

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Boozy Cosmetics Boozy Cosmetics BoozyBrush 5400 Crease Shader

Deze make up kwast is de perfecte tool voor het accentueren van je crease en het vervagen van oogschaduw randen. 
De taps toelopende kop van de borstel en het puntige uiteinde zorgen dat je met perfect detail kunt werken.
Door de zijdezachte synthetische vezels van de kwast kun je makkelijk blenden in je crease voor het creëren van prachtige looks.

Boozy Cosmetics brushes are handmade with the greatest care and precision.
All the materials used in the brushes are made of the highest quality and soft as silk to guarantee a flawless makeup application. 

Hair : 
Luxury synthetic fibers, specially designed for the function of the make up brush. 
The fibers are soft as silk and have a high durability. The fibres are anti bacterial and hypoallergen.

Handle : 
Massive wooden handle with a high gloss white lacquered finish. 

Ferrule : 
Aluminium with Chrome finish. 

Maintenance : 
Rinse and clean your brushes weekly at daily use for maximum hygiene and durability. The brushes are best cleaned as following:
- Lukewarm water
Shampoo or brushcleanser
- Use the Pro Brush Cleaner to rinse and clean your brushes deeply. 

Dry your brushes upside down to prevent moisture from reaching the adhesive layers of the hair.

Retain the shape of your brushes with the Brush Pro Brush Protector for perfect results.