Which colors go best with brown hair?

From warm dark tones to fresh colours: brunettes can pull it off! This gives you a lot of options with your brown locks. Curious about which looks will suit you best? You read it here!


As a brunette you can go in all directions when it comes to the colors of your make-up! Brown hair gives a classy look, so you can go all out with your look, without it becoming tacky. From a heavy make-up look to a more natural look: everything is possible! With a heavy make-up look you can think of a smokey eye with a red lipstick. If you want to go for a natural look and have beautiful skin, a bronzer and some mascara is actually enough! The bronzer ensures that the face gets a warm glow. The mascara then accentuates the eyes nicely.

Eye shadow

It's been a while but one style that brunettes can handle is a smokey eye! If you want to keep it a bit more natural, colors in brown and gray tones are very beautiful! But of course as a brunette you rock every look, so you're never really wrong ;). Purple tones also go very well with your hair color, if you like a little color in your look!


With a red lipstick you are always good as a brunette. With light brown hair, peach or coral tones also look great on you! This gives you a more playful look. You can also experiment with a nude lipstick: try for yourself whether you like a lighter or darker color.


Blush is an option if you just want to add an extra touch to your look. A pink blush is often the best choice here. Blush colors that brunettes should avoid are oranges, especially apricots. These make the look look gray quickly and let the pale skin come to the fore. That is of course not the intention!


If you need any advice on which colors are best to incorporate into your makeup look, please get in touch with our experts in the live chat! They are happy to help you choose the right products!