Which colors go best with blond hair?

Are you a blonde? Lucky you! That means this blog post is completely right for you. Here you will find the best makeup tips for blondes in a row!

It is smart to first see what shade your hair is. If this is a cool type of blonde, make sure your makeup is in that line as well. If you have a warmer blonde color, go for the warmer colors in your make-up.

Eye shadow

Blondes generally look very good with subtle, light colors such as taupe and light brown. Do you have a warm color hair? Then you have a chance that orange and gold also look good on you. More an ash undertone in your blonde locks? Then a champagne- colored eyeshadow can match your hair perfectly! If you want to go for a fierce look, a smokey eye is suitable for you. Pay attention, a black smokey eye is very intense for blondies! To make the look a bit more subtle, you can create the smokey eye with brown tones. Try out what you like best!


Basically any lip color will look great with your blonde locks. Also pay attention to the undertone of your skin: get a matching lipstick and your look will look beautiful right away. Are you looking for a nude lipstick? Then choose one that is slightly darker than your skin color, to prevent a pale effect.


It is also useful for the blush if you have first looked at the shade of your hair. With slightly warmer golden blond hair, peach tones and pink come into their own very nicely. Do you have cooler hair? Then take a look at some darker, taupe colored blushes.


Of course, these "rules" are only advice. Experiment yourself to see what looks good on yourself! Do you need help with that? Speak to our experts in the live chat and they will be happy to help you.