What is the difference between tanning oil and self tanner

Tanning oil and self-tanner? Isn't that the same then? Nope...I'll tell you what the differences are :-).

Tanning oil vs. self tanner

We want a tan! Throw a tanner on the plate and let's go! Do we do tanning oil or self-tanner ?

Yes, that depends on what exactly you want of course. Do you want a natural tan or a fake tan, precisely because your body has seen too little sunlight to go outside in that condition? That's what makes the difference!

tanning oil

Do you want to bake in the sun and get the perfect tan as quickly as possible? Then tanning oil is what you need! A tanning oil ensures that you tan faster and that it is also natural and beautifully even. Some care before you go down on your lounger is recommended for optimal results. So scrub beforehand!

Tanning oils are available with and without SPF. With an ordinary tanning oil, your skin is not protected against UV radiation. Therefore, do not forget to apply an SPF after you have applied your tanning oil and it has absorbed! And yes, even with SPF you just tan in the sun! No worries, you can read more about that here !

self tanner

Then the self-tanner... do you want a tan before you start baking? Self-tanner it is! What an invention that is, brown without sun! And I hear you think "yes, and then walk in with such an orange mask? I don't think so!". That is past tense! Today's self-tanners really give a beautiful natural complexion. This also requires some preparation of your skin. And you can read how to do that in the blog: How to: ultimate fake tan routine . And if you do that right, you'll look like you've just been on vacation for a few weeks ;-)!

So...now you know! Get your tan on!