What is Banana Powder and how do I use it?

You know, the yellow powder that became famous because Kim Kardashian always uses it: Banana powder! But what is it and how do you actually use it?

Banana powder is intended to make your face look fresher, to make your skin more even and to highlight. So real wonder stuff!

How does it work?

Banana powder is suitable for almost all skin tones, except for very light skin. Because there is a lot of pigment in the powder, banana powder & light skin is not a good match.
Your skin can look a little gray with foundation alone. Or have a pink undertone that you don't have anywhere else on your body. Banana powder has (how could it be otherwise) a yellow undertone, with which you light up your skin a bit. This way your look is immediately a lot fresher and you shine all day long!

After your foundation , apply a small amount of the banana powder all over your face. This way your foundation will immediately look less gray or pink and the color on your face will be more like the color of the rest of your body. Sounds good huh?


What is beacon?

You can also use banana powder to 'beacon' this is what Kim K does too. Baking means that you apply the powder to certain areas of your face and let it absorb well before taking it off. As a result, the make-up that is underneath will also set, withdraw much better.

Beacon will instantly make your face look much brighter and the areas where you applied the powder will instantly pop out! This is because the color is slightly lighter than in the places where you did not apply it.


How do you beacon?

Baking is really easy to do. Apply the banana powder under your eyes, on your nose, on your chin and under your cheekbones. Then let the powder soak in for 5 to 10 minutes so that everything will set nicely. Then remove the remaining loose powder with a soft powder brush . If you have done that, your skin is totally on fleek and you have the real classic Kim Kardashian look!


Banana Powder for light skin

If you have light skin, you can go for Makeup Revolution Baking Powder Lace!

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