What is an essence?

When you think of an Essence you might think of the beautiful brand Essence, we don't blame you ;-). But an Essence is much more! In this blog I explain what an Essence is exactly and why you should use an essence.

What is an Essence?

An essence looks like a toner, but it is actually just not. Do you still get it? An essence is a light liquid that is full of active ingredients and that keeps your skin moist. This makes your skin better able to absorb a serum or cream. Quite simply: an essence provides a moisturizing layer that prepares your skin to better absorb a serum or cream.

Difference Between Toner and Essence

In terms of structure, an essence is very similar to a toner, but the two products are actually completely different. You use a toner to remove the last remnants of your make-up, in addition, a toner often contains alcohol so that it dries faster and your skin stays "wet" for less time.

An essence has a finer texture and is made to penetrate deeply into your skin and thus care for your skin more. With an essence you actually apply an extra layer that you have removed with a toner.

How do you apply an essence?

Where you apply a toner with a cotton pad, you apply an essence with your fingers and pat it into your skin with your fingertips. So make sure your fingers are clean ;-) The warmth of your fingers in combination with light pressure on your skin helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Where to buy?

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