What is a jade roller?

You have probably come across it in the store or on Instagram because it sure is beautiful: the Jaderoller . You probably wondered what you can actually do with such a roller? I'd like to tell you that.

What is a Jade Roller and why should you use it?

The Jade roller is a tool for a wonderful facial massage that you can use at home. It is made of semi-precious stones. Despite the fact that you may hardly or not know this product, this handy roller already existed in China in the 7th century. The ancient Chinese believed that the gems took away the negative energy. If you want to know more about this training and relaxation for you and your face, read on.

Why the jade roller?

You use the Jade Roller by gently rolling over your face. It is important that you roll outwards, this stimulates blood circulation and the roller helps to remove waste products. The roller also prevents swelling, inflammation and ensures that your skin products penetrate deeper into the pores. Sounds good, right?

In addition, the roller reduces your puffiness after a night of hitting or sleeping badly. It is important that you roll carefully otherwise there is no real effect. Before you start rolling, I recommend that you first clean your face with a fine cleanser.

Relaxation for your muscles

You use your facial muscles every day. When you laugh at a funny joke, have a nice conversation with someone or suffer from stress. Whatever emotion you express your muscles are being put to work. How great is it to have your own facial massage? And in addition to this wonderful massage, it also prevents wrinkles because tension and stress on your face literally rolls away with the jade roller.

The power of the Jade gemstone

Gemstones have medicinal properties. The stone can provide you with protection, peace, courage and wisdom. These powers sound very good right?

Using the Jade Roller

It is best to start by rolling the roller from your jawline to your cheeks, always do this from the inside out! Then you go with the small roller of your tear duct towards your ears and especially take your eyebrows with you, by rolling again from the inside out! Now I advise you to take the big roller again, now roll from your forehead to your hairline. It is important to include your neck, of course you don't want your neck to hang down a bit and your face to be tight for the rest. You may now expect to be busy for half an hour, but 5-10 minutes are enough. It is best to clean the Roller after use, you can do this with a cloth and warm water. For an extra refreshing effect, you can keep it in the fridge.

Do you have any questions about the Jade roller? Then you can always join our Live chat, they are happy to help you :)