Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2022

Everyone wants to look their best on THE big day, of course, but what are this year's wedding makeup trends? I'll be happy to sort it out for you!

1. Pink lips

When you think of bridal make up, you often think of natural shades and not too striking makeup, but in 2022 we see that many brides opt for a bright lip shade. Think of a bright pink lipstick , which looks great with a more natural eye look and catches the eye with your white dress. Pink lips, like red lips , are timeless and will definitely compliment your bridal look!

2. Glowy makeup

2022 is all Glitz and glam! As a bride, you can upgrade your look with a beautiful glitter on your eyes or even on your cheeks. Do you like strobing ? Then 2022 is the perfect year to get married. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral and go wild with strobing creams, glitter and pigments and create your ultimate glowy look!

3. Black eyeliner

Where you would usually opt for a softer eyeliner in a brown shade for bridal makeup, 2022 is the year of the black eyeliner ! Go for a cat eye look, a beautiful wing or even a graphic eyeliner and emphasize your eyes with a minimalistic but striking eyeliner look!

4. Flowers in your hair

Okay, not really a makeup trend, but a trend to definitely participate in, flowers in your hair. And whether you choose real flowers or beautiful hair clips with flowers, this certainly gives an extra special touch to your wedding (hair) look!

5. Full eyebrows

Full eyebrows are here to stay! Forget those insta brows, a natural fluffy brow is the must-have look on your wedding day.

6. Minimalist Makeup

Wedding makeup is of course already focused on a natural look, but this year more and more brides are going for a minimalist look with almost no eyeshadow . This also looks great with a bright lip color! This way you have a striking bridal look, but without being too much.

7. Dewy Skin

Where previous years the focus was on matte makeup, 2022 is the year of dewy and natural skin . Are you a fan of a natural, dewy look? Then you can fully enjoy yourself this year.

8. Highlighter

Where highlighter has disappeared from wedding makeup looks in recent years, it is now completely back. And with the right highlighter you will shine on your special day!

9. Striking Lashes

What is also striking this year are the eyelash looks. Where previously fake eyelashes were mainly used to give some extra volume, definition and length to your eye look and lashes, this year it is completely different. Full, long and dramatic lashes are making their way into wedding makeup. Keep the rest of your makeup calm and soft and steal the show with a set of eye-catching lashes!

10. Rosy Cheeks

Bridal makeup has always been aimed at highlighting the natural beauty of the bride, in 2022 blush is a must-have in your bridal look! Add an extra healthy glow to your look and glow in those photos!