Tips and tricks to get rid of your bags under the eyes

How do you get rid of bags under the eyes?

Oh no, did you not sleep well and suffer from bags under your eyes or dark circles? That's not nice! Fortunately, there are a number of nice tricks with which you will quickly look radiant and fresh again.

Step 1: use a facial roller

First of all, you can use a cooling roller to roll away the moisture from under your eyes, so that your eyes look less tired and puffy immediately. The Boozyshop Rose Quartz Roller is perfect for this: put it in the fridge before use for a cooling effect. You will notice that you immediately look more awake!

Did you know that using a facial roller has more benefits than just reducing puffiness? The rolling motion stimulates your blood vessels and lymphatic drainage, improving your skin's elasticity, reducing fine wrinkles and allowing you to enjoy a smooth and healthy complexion.

Step 2: eye cream

Getting rid of dark circles unfortunately takes a little longer, but we have other nice tools for that. There are special eye creams that are effective against bags under the eyes and dark circles. If you often suffer from dark circles, the use of such a cream is highly recommended. Eye cream also nourishes the skin under your eyes, preventing dehydration.

Step 3: concealer does the magic

After you've done your skincare routine, it's time for makeup. Conceal the dark circles under your eyes with a pink concealer. To cover the pink concealer, you can wear a nude concealer over it. It sounds a bit crazy, but try using a concealer one shade lighter than you normally would. The lighter color reflects the light and makes you look fresh and awake.

Step 4: Accentuate

So, the base is there. Do you want that little bit extra? Which can! Apply some highlighter to the inner corner of your eye so that it draws attention. Then finish your make-up look as usual and you are ready to go!