This way your lipstick stays on all day

Stand out with bold lips! Wearing lipstick can make you feel very confident. A wonderful feeling and of course you want to keep it all day ;-)
Do you also have the problem that as soon as you eat or drink something, half of your lipstick disappears? Follow the following tips and your lipstick will stay flawless all day long!


#1: Scrub

Exfoliating is the basis for healthy skin, but also for healthy lips! By scrubbing your lips, they become soft and smooth, so a lipstick will last longer! For the most beautiful lips, scrub once or twice a week. No time? Then scrub your lips while showering. We call that a win-win situation ;-)

#2: Powder

uh a what? A powder for your lips? Yes, you read that right, a powder for your lips! Well for your lips.... You can easily use your favorite translucent powder. But it's about the fact that you provide your lips with a layer of powder so that you mattify them and so your lipstick stays on longer!

#3: Lip Liner

Then apply a lip liner. Get a lip liner in the color that is about the same as the color of the lipstick you want to put on. Apply the lip liner to your lip edges first. You can also fill in your entire lips with the lip liner.


#4: Paper bites

Paper what? Yes happen! After applying lip liner, apply the first coat of your lipstick and let it dry thoroughly. Then ''bite'' on a tissue / toilet paper so that excess lipstick does not stay on your lips.

#5: Apply lipstick

Ready to happen? Then apply your final coat of lipstick. Choose a long-lasting lipstick so that you can enjoy your painted lips for as long as possible! Did you know that a matte lipstick lasts longer than a shiny lipstick?!

#6: Taking care of your lips

Unfortunately, long-lasting lipstick also has a disadvantage: it dries out your lips. And of course you don't want that! It is therefore important to take good care of your lips. In addition to exfoliating, it is also recommended to use a good lip mask and a fine balm every now and then. This way you prevent dry and cracked lips and your lipstick stays nicer and longer! So another win-win situation!

With the above steps, your lipstick will stay on all day and you are ready for a party!