This is how you dry your brushes

How do you keep your brushes beautiful the longest? By washing them regularly! You can do that in different ways. You can wash them with a special brush bath or with a brush shampoo . Here you can read all the tips to wash your brushes properly.

When your brushes are all 100% clean, it's time to let them dry, but how do you do that the right way?

Dry on a cloth

The easiest way is to let them dry upside down on a cloth. That is to say: always with the hairs down! If you choose to let them dry on a cloth, you can place the back part on an elevation.

By the way: before you put them down, make sure you shape the hair with your fingers so that they don't come apart. You can also use brush protectors for this. These are covers that you can put on your brushes so that they stay in shape. You can of course always do this around it to protect your brushes. Also handy to use if you take your favorite brushes with you on vacation!

NB! Never stand your brushes upright to dry. The water then comes into contact with the beginnings of the hairs, which are stuck with glue. The water can loosen the glue and cause the hairs to fall out. That way you won't have any hair left on your brush, a shame! Really a no go!

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