The best makeup facts and tips

We know how to contour, which foundation shade suits us best and how to shape our eyebrows. We actually know quite a lot about makeup, don't we? Think again, because the following make-up facts and facts are guaranteed to make your ears chatter!

Did you know…

A woman eats an average of 3.5 kilos of lipstick in her life?

Men look at women with red lipstick on average for 7.3 seconds? While otherwise they only watch an average of 2.2 seconds.

Your skin ages about 7x faster if you go to sleep with make-up on? So never do!

Women spend an average of €9,500 on makeup in their lifetime? Holy moly!

Your eyelashes curl more easily if you heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer?

You prevent your lipstick from bleeding if you apply lip liner first?

You get volume on your lips by using 2 shades of lipstick? Apply the darkest shade on the outside and the lightest shade in the center of your lips for the perfect kissable lips.

You can last longer with your mascara by briefly placing it in hot water when it is almost finished? The hot water makes the mascara soft and you can easily use it for a while!

21 percent of women think drawn eyebrows are the biggest no-go?

Do your eyes look bigger if you use a white or nude eye pencil on your lower waterline?

Your mascara dries out faster if you pump your mascara quickly? This is because too much air gets in.

No less than 80% of women show their face without make-up to their new partner after a month?

... Eye pencils used to be made of kohl, that's why it is now also called kohl pencil?

Does your holiday tan last longer by scrubbing twice a week? Go for a mild or soft scrub, otherwise you will also remove your brown color!

Pinching women before blush to make them red? Ouch!

The deodorant roller is inspired by the ballpoint pen?

... The most expensive lipstick in the world is the Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick? This one costs, hold on tight, $62,000! That has nothing to do with the lipstick itself; it is the packaging that ensures this record amount. It is made of 18-karat gold and set with 199 diamonds.

People in Greece were not allowed to wear lipstick because it was meant to characterize prostitutes?

Was it ever a trend to be pale? People even went so far as to try to bleach them with leeches. The things we do to be beautiful…

Make-up used to be used to deter enemies or to indicate your social rank?

Girls spend about 336 hours of their lives applying their makeup? That's two whole weeks!

Make-up originated in Egypt?

You leave 5% of your lipstick on glasses, cups, clothes and men? That last one isn't such a disaster ;-)