The best beauty gifts for the holidays

The holidays are almost upon us again, and with them, of course, come gifts. What could be nicer than receiving a gift that is also a gift to your skin? Curious about our tips for beauty gifts? Grab a pen and paper and start making your wish list:

Skincare and the cold weather

In winter, our skin needs some extra care, a serum is then a perfect product. Revolution Skincare has a wide range of serums. We have a suitable serum, whether you have oily, combination, or sensitive skin for each skin type. Go during the winter months for a delicious moisturizing serum for radiant skin. With our good serums, you come through the dark days before Christmas.

Gift for your skin, face mask

We also have different types of face masks. A face mask is also very nice to give or receive. Give yourself at least once a week ultimate rest with a nourishing mask. You can use a face mask 1 to 3 times a week. Are you going for a sheet mask, or do you prefer a clay mask or a Black Mask? We have something for everyone. So it is also a gift for your skin.

Painted nails during the holidays

What also should not be missing when you go to Christmas dinner are beautifully painted nails. Essie has many different shades so you have matching nail polish for every Christmas outfit. Do you prefer a soft color, or just a bright or dark color? Essie has it all.

Brown legs at Christmas dinner

Do you notice that your body is a bit lighter in the winter and do you need some more color during Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve? Then take a look at the self-tanners. With a self-tanner, you can enjoy a natural tan all year round.

Do you need advice on which gift best suits you or the lucky one? Talk to us in the chat and our professionals will be happy to help.