Removing make-up, why is this important?

You probably know it: very tired, you want to go to bed now, let alone brush your teeth or remove your makeup. There's no harm in skipping once, but don't make it a (bad) habit. These are our tips & trips for removing your makeup.


Why should I cleanse my skin?

It is undoubtedly essential to go to sleep with cleansed skin. Even if it feels so nice to crawl straight into bed after a night out, the following day your skin will respond immediately. Your pores will become clogged much faster, which means you will get pimples or impurities much faster and we want to prevent that. That is why it is very important to remove your makeup every night before going to sleep. It is also very important to clean your skin in the morning so that your skin is ready for your make up.


Easy and fast cleaning with Makeup Remover pads.

Nowadays you can easily and quickly remove your make up using the Boozyshop Makeup Remover pads. It's actually very simple, you take a Make Remover Pad, moisten it with warm or cold water, rub it gently over your skin and your make up will disappear. When you wear more makeup, you can repeat this step until all makeup has been removed. You don't have to use a cleanser, just water is enough! So nice and fast! Got a minute before your eyes close? Nice! Then quickly use a serum and/or cream and your evening routine is over.


Clean your face with just water

Do you prefer a slightly larger towel to remove your makeup? Then you can go for the Boozyshop Makeup Eraser Towel . You wet the towel well with warm water and then make circular movements over your skin, the makeup that you have applied in the morning will be removed. Your skin feels clean and fresh afterward and is prepared for serum and/or cream.


Different types of cleaning products.

If you prefer to use a product to clean your face, that is certainly no problem. Boozyshop has various facial cleansing products. There are, for example, cleansers, micellar waters, foams, cleansing powders, gels and cleansing sticks. Do you have dry skin and do you not want to dry out your skin with cleaning or do you have oily skin with impurities and do you quickly suffer from pimples? We have a suitable product for every skin type . Do you have questions or are you not quite sure which product suits you? Please contact us in our live chat and we will be happy to help you with a good skincare routine.