Jawline highlighting, the new contouring?

The makeup trick that went viral on Tiktok, Jawline highlighting, is this the new contouring ? The answer to this seems to be a resounding yes. But what exactly is jawline highlighting and how can you get a jawline like Bella Hadid? We are happy to explain it step by step.

Jawline highlighting like a pro

First of all, of course, you start with your primer , foundation and concealer as you are used to. Then you get started with your jawline contour, you place it just on the edge of your jaw and slightly below it. You can use a cream or a powder contour product for this.

When you have blended this in well, take a highlighter that has a bit of a wet look, such as the W7 Ice n Bright Highlighter. So not too much pigment, but a lot of shine. You then apply this with an eyeshadow blending brush along the edge of your jawline and blend well, so that you have a flawless transition.

Is it too bright? Take a little powder on your powder brush and gently sweep along the highlighter you have applied. This will make the effect a little softer and more natural.

Now when the light hits your jawline you will have a beautiful jawline highlight , just like Bella Hadid! Let's go party!