I get pimples from skincare, am I using the wrong product?

Finding the right skincare routine is often a chore. You think you have found the right products and then suddenly after two weeks pimples. Lots of pimples. Your first reaction is probably to stop your new skincare routine right away. But did you know that it can just be a good sign, those pimples?

Pimples with new skincare? A good sign!

When the product does its job well, impurities will rise in one go. Your skin will clean itself and ensure that your skin will improve. Just hold on for two to a maximum of 4 extra weeks and your skin will improve. So you are on the right track! yay.

But is this true for every pimple you get?

No, it's not always a good sign. It may be that certain products or ingredients cause new inflammations. Then the product is not suitable for you. If you get troubled skin with red pimples in places where you normally don't have pimples, then it's wrong. Does your skin feel sensitive? It is then advisable to stop using the product immediately. Your skin will then automatically become calmer again.

Cleanser indispensable in your skincare routine

A good cleanser is indispensable in your daily skincare routine. Your skin has to endure a lot during the day because of the dirt that ends up on your face. If you do not clean this properly, you will get more impurities and pimples. In addition, a good cleanser also promotes your day cream.

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