How to use the Gua Sha

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Maybe you've heard of it before, or are you now thinking: the what!? We are talking about a Gua Sha, the indispensable tool in your skincare routine! We are happy to explain the benefits of your workout buddy, and believe us: you won't get tired of this training ;-)


What is a Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha is a massage tool made of, for example, Jade or Rose Quartz. This flat, smooth stone can be used in your skin care routine and has many benefits. Not only does this tool give your face a nice massage, it also lifts your skin, among other things.

A Gua Sha often has a recognizable shape: oval, with a long flat side, a long curved side and a V-shaped top. One Gua Sha has a more angular shape, the other is a bit rounder. The Gua Sha with rounder shapes is suitable to start with.


What are the benefits of a Gua Sha?

A Gua Sha has countless benefits and we are happy to tell you more about the most important properties. When you use the Gua Sha in the right way, the blood circulation in your skin and lymphatic drainage are stimulated. This lifts your skin, making your skin look tighter and firmer.


Because your skin becomes firmer and tighter, the first signs of skin aging are reduced. Do you suffer from your first fine lines? Just massage!



Stimulating the blood circulation in your skin not only provides a lifting effect, good blood circulation also helps to reduce impurities. Inflammations have less chance, so that your skin calms down and new outbreaks of, for example, pimples do not occur.


You can also define your face more with the Gua Sha. For example, massage your jawline and cheekbones daily and you will notice that they become more visible! Do you suffer from swollen skin under your eyes? Massage with the Gua Sha and your bags will diminish.


The Gua Sha also ensures that your skincare products are better absorbed into your skin. So not only does massaging with the stone have positive effects, your skin care can also do its job better thanks to your massage!


How do you use a Gua Sha?

To enjoy the benefits of a Gua Sha, it is important that you use your tool properly. Before you massage your face with the Gua Sha, it is wise to activate your lymph nodes so that the blood flow starts. You do this by moving the Gua Sha stone from your collarbones to your jaw. Repeat this step 10 times and then it's time to really start!


Step 1: The Gua Sha glides more easily over your skin when you use a fine oil, serum or moisturizer.


Step 2: Use the V-shaped side of the Gua Sha to massage your jawline. Work from your chin toward your ears, following the shape of your jaw.


Step 3 & 4: With the long, curved side of the Gua Sha, massage over your cheekbones. You do this from your nose towards your ear, following the bone. You can massage the rest of your cheek in the same direction.


Step 5: Time to get rid of your bags under the eyes! Use the short, convex side of the Gua Sha to massage the skin under your eyes. Also work from the inside out.


Step 6: Last but not least: time for your forehead and sleep! For this you use the long, straight side of the Gua Sha.




How do you make the Gua Sha even more effective?

Make a Gua Sha even more effective than it already is? Which can! Keep your Gua Sha in the fridge, so you can enjoy a cooling effect while massaging. This is not only nice, it also works effectively in reducing fine lines!


When using a Gua Sha, always make sure that you place the stone at a 45-degree angle to your skin. If you use the stone vertically, the effect is too hard. Never push the stone too hard on your skin! It is normal for your skin to become red after using the Gua Sha, but the massage should not be painful.