How do you take care of your skin in the winter months?

Skin care in winter is important

Dry , itchy skin, chapped lips and a rash from the cold: it's winter again! We are happy to tell you the tips & tricks to enjoy beautiful, supple skin in winter.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Beauty comes from within and that is why the basis of beautiful, well-groomed skin is hydration. It sounds like a cliché, but make sure you drink enough water in winter too. This way you nourish your skin and it will dry out less quickly.


But hydrating can also be done in a different way, we'll tell you more about that in a moment!


Dry flakes: exfoliate your skin

In winter we often suffer from dehydrated skin with flakes and that is exactly what we do not want! To remove these dead skin cells, you can exfoliate your skin with a nice body or face scrub . For example, choose a scrub that takes care of your skin immediately, then you have two birds with one stone! After scrubbing you will notice that your skin feels a lot softer and more even. We recommend that you don't exfoliate your face more than three times a week to avoid damaging your skin.


A cream can not be missing

Coming back to moisturizing: a nourishing moisturizer acts as a protective layer for your skin, perfect for the colder days! Choose a cream that intensely moisturizes your skin. These creams are often rich in hyaluronic acid, a magical ingredient that will get you through the winter! Hyaluronic acid ensures that your skin retains moisture, it strengthens the natural protective layer of your skin and ensures a supple, firm skin.


Do you suffer from a red rash on your skin, for example as a result of the cold? Then look for a serum rich in BHA , an emollient and calming ingredient that gently reduces redness, while also hydrating your skin!


When we think of an SPF we often think of the summer days, but did you know that an SPF is also essential in winter? Don't forget this step in your daily routine, because harmful UV rays from the sun are not conducive to healthy skin. You can apply SPF as a separate step, but there are also delicious creams that already contain the protection.


Use a face mask

A moment of pampering is of course always a good idea, but in the cold winter months your skin will thank you extra. In addition to your daily skincare routine, it is recommended to use a moisturizing face mask weekly to prevent your skin from drying out. Our favorite is the Dr. Jart+ Cyro Rubber Mask !


Cracked lips, help!

The skin on your lips is very thin and therefore sensitive to winter weather. You have probably suffered from dehydrated skin or flakes, not nice! The solution for parched lips is, just like with your skin, exfoliation! We have various lip scrubs in our range that make your lips wonderfully soft again.


To intensely moisturize dry lips, a lip mask cannot be missed in your routine. A lip mask that we are a fan of is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask , for example in the scent of Grapefruit. This mask works during the night, so you wake up with kissable lips!


Do you suffer from dry lips again during the day? Always carry a lip balm with you so you can moisturize your lips whenever you want. For example, go for theMilani Fruit Fetish Lip Balm , which leaves a beautiful, subtle color.


Hands are your business card

Well-groomed hands and nails immediately give an overall well-groomed impression. Your cuticles are extra sensitive to cold in the winter, so they dry out quickly. The skin on your hands can also peel quickly and nails become brittle. To leave the house well-groomed in winter, use a moisturizing hand cream every day. Looking for more intensive care? Treat yourself with a mask especially for your hands!


Everything at a glance


    1. Drink enough water: beauty comes from within
    2. Exfoliate your skin
    3. Use a moisturizing cream or serum rich in hyaluronic acid
    4. Don't skip SPF
    5. Treat yourself with a face mask
    6. Take extra care of your lips
    7. Your hands are extra happy with cream


We hope that with the above tips you will get through the winter without a stiff and/or dry skin! If you have any questions about your skincare routine or about certain products, please contact us in the chat and we will be happy to help you!