How do you make the perfect wing?

It's difficult, that winged eyeliner. But luckily there is a way to make it a little easier. Stay tuned!

Let's start!

First draw the straight line along your eye rim. The easiest way is to apply it as thinly as possible first. You can always make the line thicker if you want.
If you find it difficult to apply the line in one go, it is easy to do it in pieces. Do that by always putting a thin little line and connecting them together. When that line is successful, you start on the next step, the wing.

Ooooh wingtime!

The wing is the tricky part. To do this freehand is especially difficult, so it is certainly easy for beginners to use tape. Tape is super convenient to use because you can be sure you won't slip and your wing is perfectly straight!

Stick the tape on both eyes from the tip of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow. So you only have to draw a line of eyeliner along the tape. Super simple!
When you have drawn that line, make it a bit thicker at the bottom so that your wing has the shape of a triangle. Make sure that the wing overlaps nicely with the straight line.

Wait for your eyeliner to dry before removing the tape. And? Did it work? This makes applying eyeliner a lot easier ;-)
The best tip is and remains to practice often because, practice leads to perfection!

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