How do you clean fake eyelashes?

By using fake eyelashes you ensure that your eyes stand out even better. Your eyes look a lot bigger and stand out extra well. When you choose fake eyelashes, you extend your own eyelashes and a lot of volume is created. Don't throw away your fake eyelashes after using them once! You can clean them super easy. So how do you actually clean these amazing fake eyelashes?

It is important to always remove your glue properly

First of all, it is important to always remove the adhesive properly. You can easily remove these by using tweezers. If you do not remove the glue properly or if you leave the glue on, bacteria can develop. You want to avoid this, especially with your eyes. In addition, the old glue residues can cause damage to your eyelash band. This can cause you to damage the lash band. This can make your eyelash look uneven. Of course you want to avoid this.

How do you clean your lashes?

Fill a container with clean warm water and let your false eyelashes soak in it for about 30 seconds. This way you let product residues such as mascara, eyeshadow and other make-up soak off. But watch out! When you use fake eyelashes made of real hair, they are a lot more sensitive. When you soak them in warm water, these lashes can lose their shape. So it is better to soak it in lukewarm water.

Use alcohol or make-up remover

You can clean your eyelashes using alcohol. If you use an eyelash with a higher quality, it is wiser to do this with a milder make-up remover. You clean your false eyelashes by putting a small amount of make-up remover or alcohol on a cotton ball. By going over your fake eyelashes with careful movements. You can easily remove the other leftovers with a clean tissue or a cotton swab.

Do you have any questions or need advice?

So it is certainly not difficult to clean your fake eyelashes and use them several times. Do you have any questions or need advice? Then you can always contact one of our experts in the live chat. Are you looking for the perfect lash ? Be sure to take a look at our own Boozylashes .