How do you choose the right color for your eyebrows?

Foundation is a life saver, if you use the right color, that is. This can sometimes be difficult because there are so many different colors that it is difficult to determine which one really suits you best. So here are some guidelines to help you find your perfect foundation!


Different undertones

Determining your undertone is very important. You can have a good match in terms of color, but it will always look a bit unnatural if you have not chosen the right undertone. There are different undertones. A cool skin color often has a pink/red undertone, a warm skin color often has a yellow undertone. You can also have a neutral undertone. That means that a pink and yellow foundation looks good on you, or that you have to mix them for the best result.


Determine undertone

Determining your undertone works best in natural daylight and when you have no make-up on. What you need for this is a mirror and a white T-shirt. Make sure you don't have a reflection of your shirt on your neck, this can give a distorted color. Then take a good look at the color of your face and neck. Try to find as neutral a piece of skin as possible to look at. Often this is near your jaw.

One test you can do to confirm is to look at the veins on the inside of your arm. Are these blue? Then you have a cool undertone. If they are a bit greener, you have a warm undertone. If the color is somewhere in between, there is a good chance that you have a neutral undertone. Do not use the top of your hand to test your foundation. This usually differs too much with your face color!



Once you've determined your undertone, it's time to determine the right shade of your foundation . It is important that the color is not too light or too dark. The best place to test your foundation is on your jawline. This is the best way to see whether the color matches both your face and your neck. This is often the most neutral piece of skin. Draw a vertical line at the level of your jawline and see if the color matches both your facial skin and the color of your neck.

The foundation should blend nicely with the skin tone. Keep in mind that your foundation color may be different in winter than in summer. Especially if you tan quickly, this can make a big difference! If you can't find your perfect foundation, it is always possible to mix them. Take the color closest to your skin tone and then mix it with a darker or lighter shade.


Foundation at Boozyshop

Do you need advice for a perfect foundation for your skin? Talk to us in the chat and our professionals will be happy to help you. We also have a handy swatch image with every foundation, so you know exactly whether the color is suitable for your skin tone.