How do you apply the perfect make-up base?

Always wanted to know how to apply the perfect make-up base? By following these steps, your look will be completely on fleek!

Step 1: Apply day cream

Choose a cream that suits your skin type. Let the day cream absorb well before you start your make-up routine. Beautiful make-up starts with a good base, so use a cream every day! Yes, even if you don't wear make-up for a day, that's a good idea!

Step 2: Primer

Is primer really necessary? Absolute! Primer ensures that there is a thin layer over your skin where the make-up sticks, as it were. The primer protects your skin and your make-up stays in place all day!

Step 3: Foundation

Finding the right foundation is and remains difficult. Make sure the color matches the color of your neck, so you don't get a 'foundation stripe'. Apply the product all over your face and a little on your neck to allow the foundation to flow smoothly. Don't apply your foundation too thick, so you look natural and you don't get a cakey effect.

Step 4: Concealer

Apply concealer under your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Choose a concealer that is lighter than the color of the foundation. Apply the product in large triangles under your eyes, so that whole area will light up and you will have a fresh look all day long! Blend the concealer nicely with a sponge or brush, so that it flows nicely into the foundation and you don't see any streaks.
Do you have pimples or other red/dark spots on your face? Then apply a correcting concealer. For example, the green and orange concealers to neutralize dark or red spots. NB! You apply this before you start your foundation.

Step 5: Fixing spray

You normally apply this when your entire look is finished. However, adding something in between is definitely recommended! The finishing spray ensures that everything is set even more. This way you can be sure that your foundation will stay in place all day and will not move when applying the rest of the make-up. That's the perfect base!

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