How do you apply highlighter?

Tips for applying your highlighter

A nice highlighter is of course always a good idea, but with the holidays you can feel free to go the extra mile. Time for highlighter, but… how do you apply it best? Fortunately, after the tips below, that is no longer difficult. Time to get started!

Choose your favorite highlighter

So much highlighter, so much choice, which one to choose? There are different types of highlighters available and we are happy to explain the difference to you. Powder highlighter is the most common form, which you often apply with a brush. Then you also have liquid highlighter , which you can apply directly to your skin, but you can also mix it with, for example, your day cream or foundation , for a glowy skin.

With powder highlighter you can choose different types, the difference is often in the pigmentation. There are subtle highlighters that leave a nice shine or glitter, but there are also highlighters that provide a striking mother-of-pearl shine, which contains a hint of color.

Orient yourself well which highlighter you like best; there is no right or wrong choice!

Where do you apply the highlighter?

Now that you've chosen a beautiful highlighter, it's time to apply it. Many people think that you only apply highlighter on your cheekbones, but there are so many more possibilities! You can also apply the powder to the inner corner of your eye and under the arch of your eyebrow for an open and bright look. No eyeshadow within reach, but do you want a complete eye look? Then apply the highlighter all over your eyelid and you will have a shiny look very quickly!

Full lips are almost everyone's dream, and that effect can be achieved with highlighter! Subtly apply some shimmer to your cupid's bow, you know, in the center of your upper lip. You can also apply some powder under your lower lip for an extra plumping result.

In addition, you can not only apply highlighter to your face, but you can also accentuate your body. How about your collarbones? Subtly apply some highlighter in the direction of your collarbone and these will be even more beautiful.


You can use different types of brushes to apply the highlighter. We would like to explain the difference between brushes below:

eyeshadow brush

Are you planning to apply your eyeshadow in, for example, the inner corner of your eye or on your brow bone? Then it is best to use an eyeshadow brush . Because this brush is a bit smaller, you can apply your highlighter very precisely.

fan brush

The most common brush to apply highlighter is an oval or angled brush . With this you can easily apply highlighter on, for example, your cheekbones.

blending brush

Has the highlighter become a little too striking for you? Don't panic: with a blending brush you can blur your highlighter, just like with eyeshadow.

Advice Boozyshop Chat

Are you unsure about which highlighter suits you best or do you want extra tips on how to best apply your new bestie? Then contact our experts via the live chat! They are happy to help you and give you tailor-made advice. Don't hesitate any longer, the highlighters are waiting for you!