How do I get rid of my freckles?

Although everyone thinks you look very cute with your freckles, we understand that you sometimes want something different. That is why we have listed some tips to get rid of your freckles!


Start with a good primer. This is often the key if you want to get rid of something, of course you want it to last all day! A good alternative to a primer is a day cream, it can work well for this.


A mistake that is often made is that you try to compensate for freckles with a foundation that is too dark. Try to avoid this! Do you have a face full of freckles? Then choose a foundation color that is somewhere between your own skin color and that of your freckles. Would you rather not have a foundation that is too dark? Then just go for the foundation that best suits your skin tone. Don't try to get rid of your freckles with foundation but with a concealer!


If you try to get rid of freckles with a full-coverage foundation, your face will quickly look very primed. Therefore, first get started with a liquid concealer. This should have good coverage. After the concealer you can use a less opaque foundation. Do you want some color on your cheeks afterwards? With a peach-tinted blush you are completely fine! Try to avoid shades like pink. They are generally less beautiful.

To distract

Can't get rid of your freckles completely? Fear not, there is another way! You can also distract people from your freckles. For example, apply a nice eyeshadow and don't be afraid to put it on well. This way the attention goes to your eyes a lot faster. You can also put on a nice color lipstick. Warm tones are often very beautiful! Think of peach, beige, brown or red