Glitter makeup for Christmas

Glitter makeup for Christmas

A touch of Glitter never hurt somebody! That's the motto at Boozyshop at Christmas! Or Christmas? We always like glitter and think it's always possible, no matter the time of year :-)

At Christmas we are all looking for that little bit extra to complete your look and then glitter is of course the perfect addition. In this blog we explain what kind of glitters there are, how to best apply them and how they last as long as possible.

Applying glitter

Glitters are beautiful and complete your look, but how do you best apply them? That starts with a good primer! And that's not just any primer, no, a special one for your eyeshadow. This primer ensures that the color / pigment of your eyeshadow stays in place much better and comes into its own better. In addition, a primer also ensures that your eyeshadow stays in place for the entire day and does not set in lines. This way your look always stays on point! Ideal for a night out or a day out with friends!

Brush or finger?

Your primer has been applied but now you need to apply the glitter. How?! Don't panic, this is done in no time with a fine brush or with your finger, the choice is yours! You can use a fine and compact eyeshadow brush or a concealer brush, these are often even more compact. Do you want to work even more precisely? you can even use an eyeliner brush. Of course you can also apply the primer with your finger, but then a lot of product is lost and we think that is a shame.

Do you go for loose glitter, pressed glitter or glitter paste?

Glitter is available at Boozyshop in different variants, such as loose glitter, glitter paste and pressed glitter. You apply both in a slightly different way.

pressed glitter

When you go for a pressed glitter, you go for the easiest choice. You apply these loose glitters like you would apply any other eyeshadow. Do you want just that little bit more effect? Then use a multifunctional liquid such as the Duraline from Inglot to intensify your eyeshadow. In addition, this Duraline makes your eyeshadow waterproof and even more opaque!

loose glitter

Would you rather go for loose glitter? Then you need a little more patience, but it does give you the opportunity to use your creativity well. Let's get Glitter!

It is important to use a good glitter glue so that the glitter stays in place, the Fix Potion from Karla Cosmetics is perfect for this! You apply a small layer on your eyelid and then carefully apply the glitter in the right place.

liquid glitter

If you are not looking for pressed glitter or loose glitter, then liquid glitters might be something for you! These glitters are liquid and have a paste-like texture that you apply with the included applicator, your own brush or just with your fingers! Liquid glitters often dry quickly and stay in place all day long!

Need help with your Christmas look?

Are you not quite sure which glitter eyeshadow look suits you best this Christmas? Speak to our colleagues in the chat and we'll be happy to help you buy your new favorite glitter!