Everything you need to know about facial brushes

There are so many different choices when it comes to brushes! You have them in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Then you also have the hairs that are cut differently every time. One brush feels firm and the other is super soft. But what exactly do you use which brush for? Below is an overview of all the different face brushes and what you can use them for!

blush brushes

The blush brush is a brush that is naturally used to apply blush. It is a super soft brush with lots of bristles so that the blush can be applied perfectly. In addition to blush, you can also apply bronzer and highlighter with this brush!

blush brush

bronzer brushes

For example, a tapered face brush is perfect for applying bronzer! It is a nice large brush with bristles that are slightly cut off on the sides, so you can create beautiful subtle results. Are you going for a look that is not subtle? Then you can also build up your bronzer with this brush by applying an extra layer!

Bronzer Brushes

Concealer brushes

Concealer brushes have short, firm bristles. The brush is designed for applying concealer to hard-to-reach areas. There are concealer brushes in different shapes, with a slightly convex rounding, a tapered buffer, to easily highlight the inside of the corners of your eyes, or a false-cut brush to, for example, line your eyebrows nicely. To apply concealer under your eyes and around your nose or on uneven spots on your face, it is best to use the classic concealer brush with flat, rounded bristles.

Concealer Brushes

contour brushes

Just like with the concealer brushes, there are also many different types of contour brushes. You use one for a subtle effect, the other for a super sharp contour. Large, small, tapered and compact brushes. And then there are of course the different brushes for powder and cream products! There is always one that works well for you.

You have small airy powder brushes that you can use for contouring with powder products. Because the hairs are lightly centered, there will never be too much product on the brush. That makes this brush super nice if you want to create subtle, natural shadows! Perfect for an everyday look!

An angled contour is an angled brush that can be used with cream and powder products! The slanted hairs allow you to move this brush super smooth over your face. An angled contour brush - which you can use with any product - makes contouring really easy!

The flat contour is a flat brush that is also available in a large and small version. You can use a flat contour brush with all types of products. So it doesn't matter whether you work with cream or powder. It is a nice sturdy brush with short hairs that you can easily draw super clean lines with! Perfect for a sharp power contour!

A face shaper is a small contour brush that is intended for contouring in detail. Perfect for contouring your nose or sharpening your facial contour!

Contour Brushes

Foundation brushes

There are several tools you can use to apply foundation. In addition to the different types of brushes, you also have blending sponges that you can use, it just depends on what you find more convenient!

Flat top foundation brushes are ideal for creating an airbrushed effect. You can use this brush for any look! You can make your foundation as opaque as you want by working in layers. It is a very flat brush with closely packed bristles.

You have a buffer brush in several versions, because you also have the round buffer! The round buffer is, as the name suggests, a round brush. This brush is great for blending foundation! You can also use round buffer and flat buffer together for the best end result.

A stippling brush is the brush if you are going for a natural look. With this brush you can apply the foundation super light! You will not get a putty effect with this brush! You can use the stippling brush with powders, cream and liquid products. So you can also apply your blush with it!

The foundation brush is a large and sturdy brush, with which you can easily apply foundation on large surfaces. This goes super fast because of the long strong hair. Perfect if you overslept! Be careful with this brush that you do not get a streaky effect.

Foundation Brushes & Makeup Sponges

highlighter brushes

Highlighter brushes come in two different types. The "regular" brush and the "fan" brush. The regular brush is also available in two versions: the highlighter and the tapered highlighter brush. With both types you can apply your highlighter flawlessly. The only difference is that the tapered highlighter brush is a bit larger and ends a bit in a tip because of the cut sides. The highlighter brush is a bit smaller, so you can easily apply product to smaller surfaces, such as on your nose and under your eyebrows.

And then you have the fan brush, or the fan brush. This one is perfect for applying highlighter to your cheekbones! In addition to applying highlighter to your cheekbones, this is also very useful for applying your nose and brow highlighter!

Highlighter Brushes

powder brushes

Powder brushes also come in different shapes and sizes. This way you have smaller brushes with closely packed bristles. The compactness of such a brush allows you to apply powders without any problems. The size of the brush also makes it easy to powder under the eyes or nose.

A large powder brush is the perfect brush to apply setting powder. Because the brush is so large, you can powder your entire face super fast! You can also quickly wipe off the powder residue from your face with this brush.

Powder Brushes

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