Everything you need to know about eye brushes

Gone are the days when all eye makeup was applied with the same makeup brush. Fortunately, because now we can make up our eyes even more beautiful than ever before! We now have countless beautiful eye brushes at our disposal, but which ones do we use for what? Of course we want to create the most beautiful effect by using the right brush for the right action. Boozyshop tells you everything you need to know about eye brushes!

Blending brushes

Blending brushes come in different types. The fluffy blender is a soft, fluffy brush that is made for blending your eyeshadow and has long, airy hairs. Because the brushes are quite a bit apart, only a small amount of eyeshadow comes on each time. So perfect if you want to turn on the light. If you want a more intense effect, you can always apply another layer!

Then we have the tapered blender. It has super soft, thin and flexible bristles. The tapered blender has more bristles than the fluffy blender, so you can also apply the color more intensely with this brush!

And the regular blenders. These come with short and long hairs. The short hair blenders are ideal for precision work and the long hair blenders are perfect for blending your eye look. You don't have to put a lot of eyeshadow on this brush to get an intense result. The brushes are therefore perfect if you are going for an intense eye look!

shader brushes

Shader brushes are flat brushes to apply your eyeshadow. These round-cut brushes are perfect for neatly applying eyeshadow to your lid. You can also easily apply lines with this brush, for example under your eyes.

Shaders are also available in a large version, the large shader. This one is very similar to the regular shader, but not exactly the same. The large shader is larger and the hairs have a slightly different shape. They are just a bit more cut off in a point. Because this brush is larger, you can also apply highlighter with this brush in addition to eye shadow!

Other eyeshadow brushes

There are so many other types of brushes with different functions. A smudge brush, for example, has short and slightly rounded bristles. You can use this brush to erase eye pencil in your lashline or just around your eyes. Ideal for a smokey eye look. You can also draw nice clean lines around your eyes with this brush.

Pencil brushes are small eyeshadow brushes that you can do many different things with. You can use it to apply eyeshadow in your arcade or in the corners of your eyes. You can also blend eye pencil in detail with this brush!

Eyeliner brushes

You have straight and angled brushes that have been specially developed for applying eyeliner. These brushes have strong bristles that make it easy to draw clean lines. You can use them with liquid, cream and powder products! The perfect brush for the perfect wing!

The "regular" (ben) eye liner is perfect for anyone who has difficulty applying eyeliner. The hairs run in a very fine point with which you can apply a nice tight thin eyeliner. The bent eyeliner is curved so that you have much more grip while applying the liner. This way you will never have a failed line above your eye again with the help of this brush!

Eyeliner Brushes

mascara brushes

With the lash & brow brushes you will never be bothered by grains in your mascara again! Apply your mascara first and then brush your lashes through with this brush. This way all the grainy bits will go out and you will have flawless lashes! You can also brush your eyebrows with this brush, so you get them in shape every morning.

Mascara Brushes

eyebrow brushes

Brow liners are eyebrow brushes with very short cut hairs. Because the hairs are so short, you can create super clean lines. Perfect for lining your eyebrows, or adding some hair. With this brush you will have perfect eyebrows in no time!

The angled brow has slightly longer hairs than the regular brow liner. As a result, in addition to outlines, this brush is also super suitable for coloring the eyebrows. You can use this brush with both powder and cream products!

Eyebrow Brushes

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