Do's & Don'ts for contouring

Never too late to learn! We are happy to explain everything about applying contour. That's how you shape your face! Read on and discover the secret of the makeup artists…

Contour, how and why?

What is contouring? Contouring is the illusion of making your face appear smaller or fuller through makeup ! Making your face slimmer in an instant: who wouldn't want that!? Create a beautiful jawline, cheekbones or even narrower nose with makeup!

Step 1:

Apply a primer of your choice and spread it well from your entire face. When this step is complete, you can apply your favorite foundation with a makeup sponge or foundation brush . Also apply concealer to hide blemishes or red spots.

Step 2:

Which products do you need for contouring? With a contour powder or contour cream you will shape your face, everyone does this in their own way! You can make your face look very slim or a bit fuller. Do you want to go for a slightly fuller and rounder face? Keep the contour on the cheek very low just below the cheekbone. You can blend this with a make-up sponge or contour brush.

Do you want a slimmer face? Then you can place the contour with the dark complexion a little higher than your cheekbones. This look is of course not complete without a beautiful blush , which you apply to the apples of your cheeks.

Tips for contouring

Make a fine line and do not apply too much pressure while applying. Blend well with a makeup sponge or contour brush for a natural effect!