Biodegradable Glitter, what is it?

A festive eye look can't do without some glitter, right? It's not for nothing that we say less bitter, more glitter! Loose fine glitter, glitter gel, body glitter, glitter hairspray ... but what exactly, is it wise to use glitter? Because microplastic is one of the biggest culprits for plastic pollution in the oceans.


Organic Glitter

Fortunately, the manufacturers are also aware of this, and alternatives have been sought for this problem when it comes to glitter. For example, the so-called bio-glitters are increasingly being chosen. These glitters are made from special biodegradable cellulose film, which is compostable. These glitters are not harmful to the environment, but they glitter and shine just as hard as the regular plastic variants. You will not even notice it, and you are doing the environment a favor because these bio glitters are biodegradable.


Tips for your glitter stash!

Do you have glitter in your closet but no bio glitter yet, and would you still like to contribute? Then make sure you don't rinse the glitter down the sink, but that you wipe it off with a piece of paper and then throw it away in the trash. Is there glitter in your hair? Then spray some hairspray on a kitchen roll and go through your hair. Then throw away the kitchen roll. Need new glitter? Make sure you check to see if it's biodegradable glitter.