A Valentine's makeup look? That's how you do that!

It's almost Valentine! On this day you don't really need an excuse for an extra seductive make-up look. Whether you're having a romantic date with your lover, a girls night out with your girlfriends or planning to conquer someone's heart… Steal the show with that little bit extra. Choose an exciting eyeshadow or subtle with lashes that you will blow your date away with. And kissable lips are a must of course, in gorgeous dark red or flirty pink. Which look are you going for? Read on to get some inspiration and make sure all eyes are on you.

Lover's eyes

Planning on flirting this Valentine's Day? You do that with long eyelashes! Grab your eyelash curler and you can get started. Curl the tips of your eyelashes first and then at the roots, so you create beautiful long curled eyelashes. Top it off with a nice black mascara and you can start flirting with your eyes! But of course you can also opt for false eyelashes for an extra glamorous effect.

Boozyshop Eyelashes

Do you like to get started with eyeshadow ? Opt for subtle nude or light pink tones to create a soft look. Finish it off with a thin eyeliner for a sultry look or a glitter accent to shine. Prefer an exciting eyeshadow? Then opt for the smokey eyes! You can create this in any color you want: gray, brown, green… Go for a color that suits your eyes. Add a metallic touch and no one will miss your beautiful eyes! Ideal if you are planning to conquer a heart.

kissable lips

Sexy and seductive lips are deep red lips! Red is of course the color of love and can therefore not be missed on Valentine's Day. Go for a beautiful glossy color or a bolder matte color to make your lips shine. Perfect lips, perfect kiss… Make sure that your lipstick or lip gloss is kissproof before you unconsciously mark your lover.

NYX Matte Lipstick

Do you think red is too intense? Besides red, pink is also very loving. Opt for a beautiful bright pink color to create a flirty look. But you can of course also choose a lighter complexion with a shine for a subtle but shiny look.

finishing touch

Every look needs a finishing touch! Therefore choose a highlighter. Apply a highlighter that matches your skin tone and look to the tops of your cheekbones, in the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bone. On your candlelit date, the light falls on your highlighter and you shine completely! If you are not yet radiant with your nice date or the fun girls night of course ;).

Get ready for Valentine's Day with these tips! Enjoy!