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Beautyblender Blend Like a Pro Set

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Beautyblender Blend Lika a Pro Set is a set with all essentials for a flawless look. This set contains the most popular and useful items of the Beauty Blender brand: the Beauty Blender Pro, Solid Cleanser and the Blotterazzi. But that's not all, you will receive a sachet with Liquid Cleanser as well!

With the Beautyblender Pro you easily apply bronzers, self-tanners and longwear make up. This make up sponge ensures a professional and streak-free result. The Blotterazzi is a beauty tool that ensures accurate blotting on the go. This is the first washable and reusable blotting cushion. This cushion is shaped so that you can easily reach all contours of your face. With the Solid Cleanser you clean your make up sponges and brushes in no time.

This set is super fun to give as a gift, but we beauty addicts find it even more fun to get!

This set :

  • Cutest essentials for flawless look.
  • Contains Beautyblender Pro.
  • Contains BeautyBlender Blotterazzi.
  • Contains Beautyblender Solid Cleanser.
  • Contains Liquid Cleanser 3 ml.
  • Easy makeup.
  • Blotting on the go.
  • Clean sponges and brushes.
  • Nice as a gift.

How to use :

Beauty Blender Pro :

  • Make the Beauty Blender moist in water
  • The sponge will now be twice as big!
  • Squeeze out excess fluid from the Beauty blender
  • Now the Beauty Blender is ready for use.
  • Dab the Beauty Blender in your favorite makeup. (Note: Do not rub!)
  • Now apply your make-up to your face in dots, until you have a perfect result. (Note: Do not rub!)
  • Are you ready? Let it dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated and dry room. This prevents the material from stitching.
  • Enjoy a comfortable, even and streak-free finish
  • Simply and professionally apply foundation, blush and powder with the Beauty Blender.

Beauty Blender Blotterazzi :

  • The Beauty Blender Blotterazzi can easily be used dry. So you do not need water.
  • Dab on the large areas of your face with the broad side of the egg shape and pat on the small areas with the thin side of the egg shape.
  • Wash the Blotterazzi with the Beauty Blender Liquid blender cleanser or the Solid blender cleanser.
  • Let the blotting cushion dry and use the other cushion until it is dry.

Beautyblender Solid Cleanser :

  • Make your Beauty blender or makeup brushes moist.
  • Rub your Beautyblender or makeup brushes over the soap.
  • Gently squeeze your Beautyblender and clean again to rinse out excess soap.